The Project Partners

Bundesgymnasium und Bundesrealgymnasium Wien 6,Rahlgasse

The middle and high school AHS Rahlgasse is committed to Gender, Environment and Social Issues; furthermore as a declared UNESCO school, the AHS Rahlgasse is obligated to integrate global issues, the role of the United Nations, human rights, democracy and tolerance, intercultural learning and peace education, as well as environmental education and sustainable development into the curriculum. The AHS Rahlgasse supports PROSA's infrastructure staff-wise as well as with rooms. In the past, there have already been co-operations with teaching staff of the Academy; based on the especially close vicinity of the two educational institutions, the school practice required for the students of the art education department would be well placed with the students of the Rahlgasse as well as PROSA. The transfer of knowledge between the young teachers in training and those in the professional practice offers the potential to test innovative and cross-cultural teaching methods.


The Kunstraum Niederoesterreich offers an interesting and recently highly acclaimed educational program that has earned major attention through its outstanding openness. A further development of the already existing co-operations with the Institute for Education in the Arts is not only desirable, but also promising for the students of the Academy and both cooperation partners (PROSA and AHS Rahlgasse).


The Kunsthalle Wien's offer to participate in this project enables students in secondary as well as tertiary education not only an insight into art production, but also reflects upon their involvement as a part of the process that is the basis for artistic productions.

Kulturkontakt Austria

Kulturkontakt Austria supports artistic projects whose concept is based on the dialogue between partners in the field of art and culture and schools.

PROSA - Projekt Schule für Alle [Project School for All]!

PROSA offers preparatory courses for youngsters who are excluded from other means of education; these preparations aim towards the completion of compulsory education, basic education, educational and professional advice and much more. The issue being to assert the claim for the realisation of the human right to education for all people living in Austria and therewith make social inclusion possible.

The target group are youngsters after completion of the compulsory school age with migration biographies whose first language is not German. PROSA works on the basis of the concept "Learning through Education"; it is founded on the principle that a person's best source of motivation is another person. PROSA has profound experiences with cross-cultural teaching and learning arrangements. ["worker's child"]

For the project team, the expert steering and support of offers the participation in an enormous knowledge fund of educational work and elaborate networking in school education.